No room for claustrophobia
The new totally open upright MRI.


Say goodbye to claustrophobia in MRI

When tight spaces are frightening

Do you feel anxiety simply at the thought of having an MRI examination? You’re not alone. Having to lie down in a narrow tube triggers “claustrophobia” in many patients who undergo MRI examinations.

MRI tube:
there’s no way in

Your own will power is not enough to overcome the shear panic of lying in an MRI tube. Words of encouragement or a detailed explanation of how an MRI works won’t help those affected.

Relax at the thought of having an MRI
Enjoy the unobstructed view

Truly open construction

The special feature of this type of magnetic resonance imaging is that you have a clear view out of the system during the examination and can look at a large TV screen …

Natural weight-bearing conditions

The Upright MRI is the only system that makes it possible to perform magnetic resonance imaging examinations, in which weight-bearing joints (e.g. the knees or hip joints) can be examined in different positions …

Better diagnosis through unique positioning

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